Will Charlie Sheen Return to Two and a Half Men Finale?

charlie-sheen-Since the show Two and a Half Men first aired, Charlie Sheen was the backbone but after his infamous meltdown at the height of the show’s success, he left. Sheen was quickly replaced with Ashton Kutcher, who not only saved the show but helped it achieve even greater success. At the time Sheen left, it appeared that he had burned all bridges with the show’s creator but he states they are thinking about bringing him back for the finale.

According to a major entertainment magazine, the possibility of Sheen coming back for the finale of Two and a Half Men is 100% if they want to do it. In a recent interview, Sheen stated that he had been approached by producers of the show regarding a comeback appearance and that currently, they are trying to determine what makes the most sense.

He added that if the show’s producers can figure out a way for a comeback as he presented it to them and if they are interested in including him in some of the final sendoff scenes, he would be available. With a little tongue and cheek, Sheen emphasized that he would show up early and said if they are not interested, it is on them, not him.

Apparently, the statements Sheen made in that interview were skewed. An insider shared that there have been no conversations with the show’s producers about him returning for the finale and that no back and forth conversations have taken place. Because Sheen was fired in 2011 after making defamatory comments about Chuck Lorre, the executive producer, but also CBS, they might now be snubbing him.

Charlie Sheen, who was born as Carlos Estevez, actually sued Lorre along with CBS and Warner Bros. TV for $100 million in connection with his firing. The case was eventually settled and reportedly, Sheen walked away with a cool $25 million.

As part of the interview, Sheen went on to say that if he does return, he wants it to be classy, in a way that services what the show has become but to also honor what it was when he was on it. He added that he feels the Two and a Half Men executives are long over the dispute and are probably in the process of working a deal out.

In true Charlie Sheen style, he closes by saying that the group over at CBS is smart and he is confident they will figure something out. Although the ghost of Sheen’s character has been seen in a performance with Kathy Bates, the challenge is that bringing him back as a live character on the Two and a Half Men finale would be impossible since he was killed off.

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