Whalen Horseradish Products Issues Allergy Alert

WhalensAn allergy alert has been issued by Whalen’s Horseradish Products, Inc. for undeclared anchovy used in the company’s burger and seafood sauce. The New York-based company released a statement saying that the Whalen’s Seafood & Burger Sauce is being recalled because it is made with undeclared anchovy, which is an element of the Worcestershire Sauce found in the final product.

Because of this, there is risk of serious and even life-threatening allergic reaction for people who have an allergy to fish. If the product were consumed it could cause major problems.

The Whalen’s Seafood & Burger Sauce is sold to consumers through two New York wholesalers to include cash and carry Deerfield Christmas Sampler customers in Massachusetts and those who make purchases online. The dates in question include November 28 through 30.

The Whalen’s Seafood & Burger Sauce containing undeclared anchovy was packaged in an eight-ounce glass bottle and consumers can identify the product being recalled by the Sell by Date of July 17, 2015. This date is stamped on a label found on the top of the sauce bottle. So far, 23 bottles have been recovered and no illnesses have yet been reported. The company also advises that this particular product does not have a UPC code.

During a label review on December 5, 2014 as part of an inspection done by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the problem was discovered. The inspection admitted to the omission, which prompted an additional investigation that showed the batch made with Worcestershire Sauce that included the undeclared anchovy, something not revealed in the first inspection.

Following the FDA finding the problem, the manufacturer agreed to correct the labeling on the product in question.

Whalen’s also added that any consumers who have fish allergies should not consume Whalen’s Seafood & Burger Sauce and if wanted, the product could be returned to where it was purchased for a full refund. Along with this, if anyone has questions, they are more than welcome to contact Whalen’s direction and speak with a representative Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

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