The Saga of the Sony Pictures Breach Continues

SonyEven after implementing new security measures and getting the Federal Bureau of Investigations involved, it appears the saga of the breach on Sony Pictures by a group calling itself GOP or the Guardians of Peace continues.

While confirmation of a continued attack is being confirmed, employees stated today that the group sent Sony Pictures another and even more ominous warning. When employees logged onto their computers, the message immediately flashed on the screen.

Someone close to the situation who preferred to remain anonymous said that a number of employees at Sony had received the new message and that for most, it make them feel uncomfortable and disturbed. An additional unnamed source claimed that if the demands of the GOP are not met, more damage will be done.

The breach is believed to be coming out of North Korea because of a movie called “The Interview” that is scheduled for release in theaters on December 25. Starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, the film’s story consists of two journalists who have been approached by the CIA to assassinate current North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

North Korea views the film as being a terrorist threat against the country’s leader and in retaliation, Sony Pictures was hacked, causing a tremendous amount of highly confidential information to be leaked. While North Korea’s involvement has not been confirmed, there are many indicators that point in that direction.

Since the GOP first sent warnings to Sony Pictures three weeks ago, officials believed things were under control. As part of the first breach, private conversations, corporate documents, and even unreleased films were made public.

Now that it looks as if the GOP still has access to the company’s network and is making a more intense threat, Sony Pictures will need to take immediate and drastic measures.

Amy Pascal, executive with Sony confirmed that emails of employees for the past 10 years were taken by the hackers. Obviously, the investigation has intensified and as to whether the new warning is serious or the same GOP group remains unknown.

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