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David Sheldon

For the past 10 years, David has been an avid news reporter, covering multiple genres to include breaking news, sports, health, technology, and education. In addition to his writing, David serves as lead editor for several reputable online news publications.

In his downtime from writing and editing, David and his wife Sheila shares a passion for the great outdoors. They travel throughout Colorado and Utah, hiking, fishing, camping, and just exploring. The couple hopes that within the next three years they will have a child who can join them on their many exciting adventures.

As an immigrant who became a US citizen, David’s primary goal is to produce high quality publications specific to overseas news but he also enjoys writing about foreign policy in relation to immigration. He offers a keen sense of writing style coupled with in-depth knowledge of foreign affairs that makes him popular among readers.

Stacy Douglas

Considered a prolific writer, Stacy has a unique ability to create powerful news stories. Although she spends much of her time reporting on breaking news, she also loves to write about technology and health.

Outside of work, the majority of Stacy’s time is spent with her husband of 15 years, Michael, and their two sons and one daughter. Together, they share a pastime of motocross racing, snow skiing, and a variety of water sports. Having watched their mother achieve huge success in the world of writing, two of her children plan to pursue the same career path.

Currently, Stacy has a Master’s degree in writing from a California university but anticipates continuing her education that would allow her to be creative in more genres. Stacy now works full-time for a major company in the news industry, using her writing ability to create influential stories.

Gary Felter

As a lead writer for a respected news website, Gary is well-known for getting complex stories across to a broad reading audience. In addition, he serves as a cohost for a local radio station and speaks at bi-annual conferences specific to writing.

As a single person, Gary has the opportunity to travel often although his favorite destination is his hometown in Idaho where he and his companion dog visit several times a year. Born in a farming community, he has a genuine love for the simpler things in life although the night life is also appealing.

For ten plus years, Gary has focused the majority of his life on writing and to further his career, he plans to go back to school within the next year, giving him even more opportunities to make a difference.

Kevin Thornburg

Born in Australia, Kevin and his wife moved to and became citizens of the United States six years ago. With a diverse background, he has the ability to offer viewers better and more impacting stories. While foreign and US stories are what he focuses on most, he also enjoys writing about new technology.

Kevin has continued his writing career in the US, which has been a huge success, but Darla, his wife of eight years, will achieve yet another success with the birth of their baby boy due in November.

Kevin has always enjoyed writing and in fact, he began winning awards while still in grade school for his exceptional papers. That love has transitioned into his adult life and to ensure he gives readers quality, Kevin earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, followed by a Master’s degree.

Steven O’Brien

Steven is a veteran writer who has strong interest in genres to include US and foreign news, health, education, sports, and technology. Possessing a unique ability to take ordinary stories and turn them into extraordinary publications, he secured a position as lead writer and editor in chief for a large publication.

Steven’s in-depth understanding of news media coupled with a highly creative mind has made the difference in his career of reporting news. This combination allows him to approach every project individually and uniquely, thereby maintaining integrity of the content.

Steven has enjoyed a 30-year writing career and while he has a number of other passions, he cannot imagine doing anything else with his life. He lives in a suburb of Los Angeles with his wife of 25 years and two of the couple’s four children. For entertainment, the family loves attending concerts and going to art gallery exhibits.

Angela Somers

Angela is a recognized correspondent for a large news affiliate and cohost of a weekly radio show who lends her writing and reporting skills. Initially, she attended college to become a school teacher but after acing a complex term paper, her new passion of writing was born. Mid-education, she switched majors and today, holds a MA in journalism and BA in creative writing.

Sharing her passion is her husband, Leonard, who is also a prolific writer in his own right. While Angela focuses more on breaking news type stories from around the globe, Leonard is a creator of children’s books. However, it is this shared interest and unique combination that has enhanced both of their writing careers.

For fun, Angela and Leonard love sailing, gardening, and spending quality time with their two Labradors. As far as writing, Angela possesses a style that engages readers and encourages them to want to know more. Her style is as some call it, “infectious