Preview of Windows 9 Being Unveiled by Microsoft

windows-9Confirmed by invitations sent out to members of the press, the next Windows desktop operating system will be unveiled by Microsoft on September 30. The event, which will occur in San Francisco, will focus on what’s next for Windows, as well as the enterprise. As part of the event, talks will be provided by Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson, both executives with Microsoft.

This enterprise-focused event will consist of discussions on the next great thing for Windows to include information specifically for enterprise and technical customers. Code-named “Threshold”, Windows version 9 has not yet been fully described. Some experts believe that Threshold is an interim operating system release prior to the actual release of Windows 9 although this has not been confirmed.

New Revealed and Rumored Features

In what is referred to as the “Windows Technical Preview”, screenshots of the new system were leaked last week. As confirmed by officials with Microsoft, the Start Menu will return but also, Windows 9 will allow Windows Store Apps to run on an independent window on the desktop side of the operating window.

However, there are a number of feature changes only rumored at this time to include:

• Start Menu – Revamped to include menu items and Live Tiles
• Window Store Apps for the desktop side of the operating system will make it possible to run apps in resizable windows
• Virtual Desktops will give users the ability to switch entire screen views
• Charms Bar to be eliminated and pushed into the title bars of the Window Store Apps
• Current Cortana personal assistant app to appear in the Threshold release
• Update Button that allows users to move to the most recent version of Windows
• Notification Center that provides alerts from Desktop Apps and Window Store Apps

According to insider veteran, Mary Jo Foley, the release of Threshold may be the final formal operating system release prior to Microsoft embarking on a more incremental release cycle similar to releases of Office 365 software.

She suggests that all the features associated with the Windows Technical Preview may not be fully delivered until sometime early in 2015 and that Threshold is also planned for smartphones and tablets, with a release date for these and other ARM devices being in January or February of next year.

Another rumor circulating is that Windows Threshold will be offered by Microsoft as a free upgrade to people using Windows 7 or 8.

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