Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett Make Beautiful Music Together

Lady-Gaga,-Tony-Bennett-There have been some odd pairings among professional vocal artists over the years but one of the strangest just announced is Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. To some, this duo might seem more like oil and water since their style of music is on opposite ends of the spectrum but the two are collaborating on a new jazz album that according to insiders will be a huge success.

A release date for the new album titled “Cheek to Cheek” has not yet been announced but Gaga and Bennett are actively working to complete it. Some people forget that these two artists worked together in the past on “The Lady is a Tramp” for his album “Duets II”, which went on win a Grammy.

Bennett is extremely excited about working with Gaga again and says she is actually an authentic jazz singer. He adds that she can take a phrase and based on the moment its being sung, completely make it different. She has a real gift for keeping songs alive by making them everlasting and intimate.

Both Gaga and Bennett were born in New York City and although she is best known for her pop genre and outlandish stage presence, unbeknownst to many, she has been a jazz singer since a very young age. Her unrivaled talent draws crowds all over the world, making her one of the hottest vocal stars of all time.

When asked why she wanted to make a full album with Bennett, Lady Gaga stated that her life is typically very noisy and that singing with auto-tune and hard electronic music is quite difficult and even unnatural. Bennett brings out a subtlety that she misses.

Sasha Frere-Jones, a pop music critic with New Yorker, says the new album will be natural. She agrees with Gaga that much of today’s music is noisy and that a lot of the noise is just meaningless information. The “Cheek to Cheek” album will probably need some editing but overall it is relatively natural and open. She is not sure how the album will be received but after listening to some of the tracks, admits it is very good.

Frere-Jones points out that people need to understand that Lady Gaga is far more than a stage spectacle. She has a wonderful singing ability and plays a mean piano. For Gaga, she feels her time working with the 88-year-old Bennett has been educational and admits that one of her favorite things to do is watch him perform.

From Bennett’s viewpoint, he wants the learning experience to reach beyond Lady Gaga to her audience. After all, this will be the first time that the younger generation who loves her has the opportunity to also fall in love with legends like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin.

Gaga reminds Bennett that many of the people who follow her music actually know some of his songs. Because of this, fans are becoming increasingly excited about this unique collaboration. She adds that at this time in her life, she feels validated because she is giving her fans a gift in the form of jazz music.

Reportedly, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s relationship extends beyond the studio since the two really like and care for each other. In addition to the “Cheek to Cheek” album, a concert of the two singing duets will be broadcast by PBS in October. To ensure listeners of the album know who wrote what, Bennett promises there will be visuals and names provided at the beginning of each song.

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