Fans Critical of Roger Goodell Over Ray Rice

Roger GoodellNow that running back Ray Rice has disgraced the Baltimore Ravens, throngs of fans have come forward to vent about the way NFL Commissioner Goodell has handled the entire situation.

Although a new video has surfaced showing Rice with Janay, now his wife, snuggling while visiting an Atlantic City casino, the earlier video of the two in an elevator and him punching her repeatedly about the head and face, showed a very different side of the now ex-NFL player. While some fans have less than favorable things to say, there are plenty of diehard Rice fans who support him, even after his suspension from the team for domestic violence.

Back in July, Goodell only suspended Rice for two games but as of last Monday, things took a dramatic turn after the popular celebrity gossip site, TMZ, released the video of the elevator incident. Rather than place blame solely on Rice, many fans are upset in him being terminated indefinitely.

As one fan puts it, he should never have been suspended. This same fan states that Janay was just as guilty as Rice and in fact, says the video shows her throwing the first punch, making this a case of self-defense, not domestic violence. That is not saying that Rice was innocent, just not as guilty as Goodell is making him look.

Fans also comment on the fact that Janay was his girlfriend at the time of the elevator incident and that now, she is his wife. Many fans believe that the NFL is so concerned about her opposed to cutting him from his job, saying that not only did she marry Rice after the release of the video and all the media attention, she has not filed for divorce.

The Ray Rice fan base is split. One group condemns domestic violence and think Goodell’s decision was correct while the other wishes nothing but the best for the ex-NFL player, as well as his wife and their daughter. For whatever reason, a large amount of criticism is not aimed toward Rice but the NFL.

To show their contempt for Goodell and support for Rice, many Ravens’ fans are going to other NFL games wearing orange. Fans do not necessarily agree with what Rice did, especially in light of the video in which Janay is clearly seen being beaten, but they do believe that the NFL Commissioner handled things completely wrong.

Most fans feel that Goodell passed judgment on Rice, not once but twice. After all, he had been suspended for two games because of the domestic violence incident and then after the video blew up on social media sites, he was punished again. Rice paid the consequences dealt him and after being exonerated, he was found guilty yet again, this time with a much harsher punishment.

Another fan of the Baltimore Ravens stated that the NFL Commission overdid things regarding the Rice penalties. She believes that the two-game suspension was fair and that perhaps even a few more games would have been warranted but an indefinite suspension was taking things too far.

In talking to multiple fans, the same sentiment was heard time and time again. One couple wished Rice and his wife the best. They felt that in light of all the good things he has done for the Ravens’ franchise but also the community, Goodell held him to a much higher standard than others. The couple said they would never condone domestic violence but that they were very disappointed in the way things were ultimately handled.

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