Facebook: Launching New Anonymous Interaction App

FacebookWith growing intensity among social media websites, Facebook is in transition mode. Although this social media giant has been working on new endeavors for some time, the company’s current focus is on an innovative application whereby users would have the ability to text anonymously.

While Facebook has been working on this idea for a long time, execution is coming earlier than expected after being pushed by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. Facebook officials hope the application will bolster company fortunes even more but also enable users to send text messages to friends using an anonymous identity.

In a massive complaint, members and performers of the LBGT community said they were forced to suffer the indignity of using real birth names that no one recognizes. Just three weeks ago, Facebook received a fierce backlash when it started to enforce its misguided “real name” policy specific to the LGBT community.

Initially, Facebook refused to stop requiring people to use legal names, which in response incited hundreds of thousands of people to leave the site for Ello. Feeling incredible heat from their early decision, Facebook released a formal apology, which was first issued at a group meeting consisting of LGBT activists, drag queens, and San Francisco’s Supervisor David Campo.

However, Facebook followed up by making a public announcement, which included an outline of how current policies will be fixed. In a statement released to The New York Times, a spokesperson said the new Facebook application will make it possible for all users to interact with each other but without the requirement of using real names.

For the last year, the new Facebook application has been in the development phase, an effort led by Josh Miller, former cofounder of the branch. Reportedly, this application will prove beneficial to discussions on a broad scale and enable users to hide their real names.

No firm date for release has been announced but according to an insider, it will be sometime soon. Although many users, especially those within the LGBT community are thrilled, some experts are skeptical regarding the way the application will be incorporated into Facebook.

It is common for people to hide behind pseudo names on the internet so the concept of anonymity is old but with the new application, users of Facebook not interested in using real names will have the opportunity to post opinions about a specific topic in secrecy.

Once the anonymous texting application has launched, Facebook will find itself in competition with other like applications to include Reddit, Whisper, and Secret. When polled, fans state they have great expectations from this new app but as far as how successful it will be, that remains to be seen.

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