Defensive End Greg Hardy Deactivated by the Panthers

Carolina Panthers v Pittsburgh SteelersOnce again, an NFL player is paying the consequences for making bad decisions. Just last week, Ray Rice, now an ex-NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, was terminated indefinitely after a domestic violence charge, followed by Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings getting suspended due to an indictment of child abuse.

For today’s game against the Detroit Lyons, defensive end Greg Hardy has been deactivated by the North Carolina Panthers who this past July, was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend but also threatening to kill her. After appealing for a jury trial, Hardy went on to play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Initially, the Panthers had no plans to change Hardy’s time on the field in today’s game, even after running back Peterson with the Vikings was deactivated for the same criminal charge. Just this past Friday, Coach Ron Rivera with the Panthers said that Hardy would not only play but start after Thursday and Friday’s practice.

The news of Hardy going on the inactive list contradicts what the Panthers have been saying, to include Rivera but also Dave Gettleman, General Manager of the NFL franchise. In an earlier statement, Gettleman said they would allow the process to play out, which indicated that the organization would wait to make any decision until Hardy’s November 17, 2014 jury trial was complete.

According to one Panther’s official, legal matters pertaining to Hardy have not changed and his status last week uncertain. Hardy who signed a one-year, $13.1 million contract with the Panthers will still receive a paycheck for today’s game, even though he is considered inactive.

In a tearful statement made last Wednesday, Jerry Richardson, owner and founder of the Panthers, said that he does not condone domestic violence and asked the public to be patient as the Hardy case is handled. He went on to say that specific to domestic violence, he does not hold a position of indifference – he strongly stands against domestic violence of any kind and on any level…period.

Some people have criticized Richardson for acting too slow in the handling of the Hardy case but according to him, it is simply that he and the franchise do not want to make any fast judgments.

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