Are Beyonce and Jay Z Expecting Baby Number Two?

jayz and beyonceFor several months, rumors have been circulating that mega stars, Beyonce and Jay Z, are headed for divorce court but Friday night’s concert performance may have finally put the gossip to rest.

While in Paris doing the “On the Run” show, Beyonce and rapper husband Jay Z were performing on stage together. In the song, “Beach is Better”, rather than sing “I replace it with another one”, Jay Z sang, “Cause she’s pregnant with another one”. Fans instantly picked up on the altered lyrics and starting Tweeting.

One concert goer took to her Twitter account to post that the Queen By is again pregnant. She also told followers that Jay Z had just made the announcement at the OTR stop in Paris while performing the Beach is Better song by changing the lyrics.

Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for six years and already have a beautiful daughter, two-year-old Blue Ivy born in January 2012. As noted by several fans but also people close to the power couple, Jay Z has been exceptionally protective of his wife over the past several weeks.

Many believe that he is doing everything possible to keep Beyonce’s stress level down, which is exactly how he acted when she was pregnant with their daughter. He has even gone as far as to tell everyone in their entourage to keep voices down, make sure lighting is mellow, and to only listen to soft music while working. Some insiders have also noticed that as of late, Beyonce is eating only organic foods.

Although no official statement has been released by 33-year-old Beyonce, Jay Z, or someone within their camp, expecting a second child would certainly help debunk all the pesky rumors of divorce. At the end of the performance, he went on to tell the audience that they both love Paris and to them, it is a special place because it is the city where they became engaged and conceived Blue Ivy.

At this point, it appears the couple’s marriage is stronger than ever and perhaps soon, a formal announcement of pregnancy will come out.

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