Another ISIS Propaganda Video Released of British Hostage

isisisThe Islamic State, referred to as ISIS, has released yet another video, this time showing kidnapped British journalist, John Cantlie. In the three-minute video, Cantlie is seen sitting in an orange jumpsuit with hands clasped on a table in front of him.

He talks about how Western media twists and manipulates the truth, followed by promising that the truth about the ISIS militants will be revealed. However, the most disturbing statement made by Cantlie, who works in the United Kingdom for The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, and The Sun, is, “Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking he’s only doing this because he’s a prisoner. He’s got a gun at his head and is being forced to do this…right?

Cantlie continues, “It is true that I am a prisoner, that I cannot deny but seeing as I’ve been abandoned by my government and my fate now lies in the hands of the Islamic State, I have nothing to lose”.

According to Cantlie’s own words, he went to Syria in 2012 on journalistic business but was subsequently captured. He also states that the news media wants to drag the public back into the abyss of another war with ISIS and that after two disastrous and widely unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, why would Western governments show such enthusiasm for again getting involved with a conflict that cannot be won.

Large portions of Iraq and Syria have been seized by the Islamic militants. As a result, airstrikes against the militant fighters have been launched by the United States who also plans to organize an international coalition against them.

Reference was made during Cantlie’s video to additional British and American citizens held captive. He states the truth behind what happened to many citizens from Europe being imprisoned and then released by ISIS will be revealed, but also, the way that both British and American governments felt things could be done differently to all other European countries.

The European countries to which ISIS refers through Cantlie had negotiated to get captive citizens released and back home, leaving British and American people behind. The video, titled “Lend me your Ears”, looked to have been recorded using multiple cameras.

In a final statement, Cantlie says there is still time to change the inevitable sequence of events but that only if the public acts now. He concludes with people to join him for the next few “programs” to be surprised at what they can learn.

The last ISIS video showing the beheading of British air worker David Haines was released just this past Saturday. However, two other beheading videos have been made public over the past month, one involving the death of James Foley and the other of Steven Sotloff, both United States citizens. Unfortunately, Alan Henning, another British national’s life is being threatened.

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